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Trans Care

Author: Hil Malatino

University of Minnesota Press, 2020 (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License)

What does it mean for trans people to show up for one another, to care deeply for one another? How have failures of care shaped trans lives? What care practices have trans subjects and communities cultivated in the wake of widespread transphobia and systemic forms of trans exclusion? Trans Care is a critical intervention in how care labor and care ethics have been thought, arguing that dominant modes of conceiving and critiquing the politics and distribution of care entrench normative and cis-centric familial structures and gendered arrangements. A serious consideration of trans survival and flourishing requires a radical rethinking of how care operates.
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Preview of text from resource, reads 'Client is the Age of Majority, Client has the capacity to give informed consent, Client has no mental health concerns that should impede ac [rest of line cut off], Client meets criteria for gender dysphoria, [start of line cut off] a strong, clear statement in support of the client's goals, The client meets all criteria for the requested surgery'

The GALAP Harm Reduction Guide to Letter Writing


Author: The GALAP, 2019

"We envision a future in which people do not need to obtain assessments/letters from mental health providers in order to access gender-affirming medical care. This guide supports a harm reduction approach to letter writing, as we acknowledge the reality of harmful gatekeeping practices that are a current reality."
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Thinking of having a baby? A guide for trans* men living with HIV


Authors: Keiko Lane with HIVE, Maya Scott-Chung, Juno Obedin-Maliver, Tapakorn Prasertsith, Adam Chang

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Towards an autonomous trans healthcare

Author: Power Makes Us Sick

October 2018

When we think of trans health we go to hormones, surgeries and the necessary care that our individual bodies need as trans people. However, trans health is also about meeting all basic health needs, it is joyful conspiring community, it is having a place to sleep.
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