Cover of zine, with title and many hand-drawn simple images of people with diverse body shapes in purple, pink, and blue, some holding intersex, trans, and nonbinary pride flags, some using mobility aids such as wheelchairs and sticks

TGI 'n' Fine: A resource & care zine for trans, gender non-conforming, & intersex youth

Editor: Lyric Center for LGBTQ Youth

2020, Creative Commons License

This zine was born from observations that there are few reliable sources of TGI health education that are readily accessible to young people and contain reliable information. We hope that through this work, we can strengthen existing networks of care and resistance among TGI youth, and we can inspire more folks to take care of themselves and one another.
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Cover of zine 'Masculinities - Femininities' Issue 4

Masculinities - Femininities Issue 4

Editor: Misster Raju Rage

Cover artist: Noki Katan

Contributors: Jai Arun Ravine, Noa Ktana, Romez Furry, Samonte Cruz

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Cover of zine 'Masculinities - Femininities' Issue 4

Trans Sex Zine: A collaborative sex ed project (Volume 1)

Trans Sex Zine is a collaborative, ongoing sex ed project by and for trans and gnc folks that tells stories of sex, bodies, & desire. We think trans ppl of every age, identity, attraction, and relationship status are experts of our own experience and have valuable things to share with each other.
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