Page 2 of PRIDE zine, shows photograph of a protest with signs saying 'Stonewall 1969 Assimilation Corporatisation Militarisation Colonisation Gentrification', 'Are you Proud of 2009?' and 'Proud 40 years Stonewall'

PRIDE: the People's Revolutionary IDeas Eatery 2008

In 2008 a creative activist collective called the People's Revolutionary IDeas Eatery (we know you can feel isolated being a radical queer of colour in our crazy times of war, imperialism and racist backlash) planned a series of interventions and actions such as an anti-police-brutality performance and the BAME stage of Pride and a bombardment of the conference the day before as 'drag queens' raising angry intelligent questions which seemed to shock the crowd (our intelligence has brown femme perceived transwomen?)
cover of PRIDE zine, shows title text displayed horizontally in neon yellow and pink, with irregular spacing emphasising 'ID'Download
Part of the back page of STAR zine, shows text 'I wanted to do every destructive thing that I could think of at that time to hurt anyone that had hurt us through the years - Sylvia Rivera'

STAR: Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries: Survival, Revolt, and Queer Antagonist Struggle

Author: Ehn Nothing

Publisher: Untorelli Press

Features a collection of writing, speeches, and interviews with Silvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson, with the aim of recording and critically examining the historical legacy of STAR as a forerunner to contemporary queer liberation movements.

The cover of STAR zine, shows title text and a photograph of Silvia Rivera and Marsha P Johnson at a protestDownload


Star and PRIDE zines tell us about the historical political background of trans activist movements (US and UK) and to the importance and necessity of trans healthcare but also how it intersects with citizenship, housing, employment, police and state violence and carceral systems. PRIDE as we know it now, originated as a riot, the Stonewall Riot (28 June 1969) and there's a reason why it came to be, an outcry at the systems of oppression in place that enacted violence towards transgender and gender non conforming people. PR I DE zine informs us of a moment in time in 2008, further down the line in the UK context where many of these issues continued to be prevalent. Trans struggle and revolt is wrapped up in our well being.