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...explore gender transition with more ease through building practical skills, cultivating personal and collective pride, and centering pleasure equity.

The Gender Freedom Model


Rae McDaniel and Laura Meng (2021) 'The Gender Freedom Model: A Framework for Helping Transgender, Non-Binary, and Gender Questioning Clients Transition With More Ease. Journal of Counseling Sexology & Sexual Wellness: Research, Practice, and Education 3(2), 82-93. hDOI 10.34296/03021064

In comparison to the prevailing, long-term campaigns of transphobia in UK newspapers (and to a lesser extent, television), collectively authored and produced zines create a space and platform for a polyphony of trans perspectives.

Embodying Autonomous Trans Healthcare in Zines


Nat Raha (2021) 'Embodying Autonomous Trans Healthcare in Zines'. Transgender Studies Quarterly 8(2), May 2021. DOI 10.1215/23289252-8890565