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Bodies of Knowledge: Three Conversations on Movement, Communication and Identity

What Makes This Image Trans? ISAAC BRIGGS, DR JENNIFER COOKE, RAJU RAGE and NAT THORNE discuss RAJU RAGE’s workshop programme exploring self-representation and identity through film and photography.

Editor: Laura Purseglove

Cover of Transitional States exhibition catalogue, with illustration of a nude body in blue light with a projection of molecules across the chest, against a deep pink background with a radiant mandala-like halo

Transitional States: Hormones at the Crossroads of Art and Science

An international video art exhibition and programme of public events (2018)

Author: Chiara Beccalossi

"The first part of this Transitional States catalogue offers descriptions of the works featured in the touring video art exhibition and short biographies of all the artists selected. The second part offers brief contributions from some of the speakers taking part in the public discussions as they address the theme of hormones from their widely varying perspectives and experiences."