Cover of Falling Through The Cracks publication, shows a black and white image of drag king Stormé DeLaverie wearing a tuxedo and bowtie.

Falling Through the Cracks: Non-binary people's experiences of transition-related healthcare

Author: Action for Trans Health

The following report is based on the experiences of 114 non-binary people who have tried, with various degrees of success, to access transition related healthcare both privately and through the NHS. These findings reflect themes often discussed by non-binary people in self-generated media such as vlogs and blogs and within support groups, including self-medication, fear of treatment being refused, people feeling that they must present as binary in order to get appropriate treatment, being out as non-binary leading to negative experiences of healthcare services, and long waiting lists.
Cover of Radical Transfeminis zine, shows drawing of a person with a pierced nose, curly dark hair, and painted nails touching their face with an anguished expression. Their eyes are white with no iris or pupil.

Radical Transfeminism zine

How do we cut through the violence and shit of contemporary racial capitalism to fully automate a better, dykier, feminist, diasporic communism than the left is currently dreaming of? How do we 'deepen' the particulars that make up radical transfeminism? (it involves more than dilators, but then those too, and plenty of lube).