Desperate Livin

An interactive archive of materials created by and for members of the trans community, supporting autonomy, health, and resilience.

This site is part of the legacy of Desperate Living C–19, an ongoing programme by Studio Voltaire which aimed to support LGBTQ+ people during and after COVID–19, providing support for artists as well as opportunities for people to engage with arts and culture in direct response to their experiences.

As artists supported by this programme, throughout 2020-2022, Raju Rage and the right lube hosted a series of workshops exploring queer and transgender 'community' with guests Poloumi Desai (Shakti, Naz Projects + more), QueerCare and Campaign Against Prison Expansion, conducted workshops around Harm Reduction,m the politics and experience of self-medding, hormones and trans youth, shared art-activist works online on Studio Voltaire, organised IRL events distributing much needed supplies and taking trans community to trans health clinics, co-hosted a grief retreat for trans community to provide support for the loss of trans community and IRL trans social hangouts in London with therightlube.

Along the way they gathered valuable information from transgender people, medical practioners and organisations about trans health that they would like to share with you. These resources have been compiled by Raju Rage and designed by Zoyander Street. These resources are open-source or invited contributions and permission has been granted to share them. Thanks to all who participated and supported the Desperate Livin project.

You can still contribute materials to this archive! Just fill out this email form.